Monday, May 7, 2012

Just letting anyone who is still out there I will be taking another tour starting May 14th. If you would like to take a look it is at Have a great summer.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Best of pics and final shaggy pic

Here it is, the final shaggy picture. I will be hitting the barber a little after this post.
To answer some of the bike issue questions. I would say I broke the chain around 8 times. I got 3 new chains then just fixed the link. I never broke a chain before this trip. An estimate on flat tires would be 15, but 5 of those were in 2 days and another 5 were because I kept using tubes with patches. I think I made it the last 1200 miles without a flat since I was using good tubes. I didn't have any busted spokes after I got the rear wheel fixed at Pinedale WY. I broke 2 good seats. Threw away 1 cheap seat and am still using the 2nd cheap seat.

I went through all of my pictures and picked out what I thought were some of the best.

Thanks again for following along.

Big A signing off.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 148

Miles 68.9 Total for trip 5497.25
Avg spd 11.85
Max spd 35.58
Climb 3022
Alt chng --800

Today was it, the last time I would be packing up my tent, sleeping bag, air mattress, sandals, etc. I was going to try and make it to Boise today since I would have a lot of slow downhill and only one big hill out of Horseshoe Bend. I made it to Banks by 1pm and saw it was only 14 miles to Horseshoe Bend so I figured it would be no problem making it to Boise. It is funny how you remember hills. I have biked the Horseshoe Bend Hill before and remembered it to be around 600ft in a few miles. Turned out to be 1600ft in 5 miles, took about 1.5hrs to get up it. From there it was downhill to my last Mcdonald's run. I was finishing up my cone and my parents stopped by and gave me a ride for the last couple miles.

I am really happy I made this trip. I suggest if anyone has ever thought about taking a long trip of any kind to try and do it, because you might not get the chance next month, or next year.

What to do now? I am not sure, but it will involve getting a hair cut and beard trim. I will be going through my pictures and putting a best of set in my cool pics in a week or so.

Oh yeah, I think getting a job will be high on the list.

Things I will not miss from the trip: blowing up my air mattress every night, eating the same dried food for breakfast and most dinners.

Things I will miss from the trip: waking up in a different spot each morning, meeting great people, talking with other bikers about their trips, riding in new areas, seeing nature, and many more I currently can't think of.

Thanks for following along. I hope everyone enjoyed the trip, I know I did.

Day 147

Miles 36 Total for trip 5428.35
Avg spd 13.43
Max spd 29.22
Climb 250
Alt chng --3200

Cold!Cold!Cold! I rolled out of the tent about 8am to find ice on my tent. Mike left his pot with water on the picnic table and it had 1/2 inch of ice in it. I figured if I could get to the top of the pass fast I could coast down and get warmed up. The top turned out to be less then 1 mile. If I only knew. I coasted for around 8 miles, then I had a nice slow downhill. I am glad I had an easy day cause I broke my chain about 3 miles out of Lowman. I had to use my last link to fix it. Traffic was not too heavy so I decided to try and make it to Banks. I only made it about 5 miles and my chain broke again. Luckily it was right near a campground. I had to take a link out to fix it. Who knows how it will work, I will find out tomorrow.

Day 146

Miles 54.72 Total for trip 5392.35
Avg spd 9.70
Max spd 22.56
Climb 1939
Alt chng ++1243

Still going up today. It has been a long slow climb for the last 3 days. I should reach the top today or come very close to it. I stopped in Stanley to take a rest and eat lunch. About 8 miles out of Stanley I ran into a couple my parents know by the name of Albers. They offered me something to eat & drink if I made it to Bull Trout Lake later today. Thanks for the offer, but I ran out of gas and stopped at a campsite right on HWY 75. I stayed with another biker that left Missoula a few days before I did. We talked for a while, it looks like Mike is moving to Boise and look for a job.

Feels like it will be cold tonight.

Day 145

Miles 56.63 Total for trip 5337.63
Avg spd 10.22
Max spd 25.74
Climb 1892
Atl chng ++1200

Today I would be going through Challis ID. I was still on the 93 and would be getting on HWY 75 at Challis. I actually found an Idaho Statesman in Challis. The first time I have read that paper in about 5 months. I found a nice campground. I was the only one there which was surprising for Labor Day Weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A day of coasting...

It seems Big A rode about 35 miles today and lost more than 3000 feet of elevation.

From sitting in front of the computer it appeared to be a pretty easy day.

Ride time was about 3 hours so he was averaging 12 MPH.